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What gets me excited in my life and work is the privilege of working with people around what matters to them . . .

  • to help people find real connection
  • to help people find their way
  • to help people find their life
  • to help people find what is worth living for . . . and dying for.

Most people know when they have lost their way. My initial focus is working with the stuckness or dryness or unhappiness that brings them into therapy . . .

  • obstacles that lie before them
  • difficulties communicating
  • mistakes that have been made or damages that linger from the past
  • broken relationships
  • perceptions and beliefs that need to be examined
  • a need to reinvent themselves or a desire to hit a reset button.

I bring into the conversation decades of experience as . . .

• an archaeologist, • a cultural historian, • a futurist, • a mythologist, • a depth and archetypal psychologist, • a family systems therapist, • a corporate consultant in organizational development, • an educator and teacher, • a very happy family man, and • a spiritual seeker/mystic

. . . all in the service of wondering what makes people tick and brings them fully alive.

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Beyond my one-on-one work with individuals, I reach groups through teaching courses, leading professional workshops, and consulting with companies in organizational development.

A disciplined and prolific writer, my work for publication includes articles, books, and a daily, subscription-based series entitled "Thoughts from the Sages."

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Family: Married to Helen Hallum Graham, LCSW and psychotherapist for over 30 years.  We have seven grown children, having adopted four children whose parents died, and we have eleven grandchildren

Travel: Rather than traveling as a tourist, Helen and Jack have traveled with the intent of experiencing local indigenous culture in small villages, including the following countries— India, Tibet, China, Jordan, Israel, Cyprus, South Africa, Greece, Aegean islands of Hydra and Sifnos, Italy, and New Zealand.


Ordained Clergy: Have two graduate theological degrees and ordained as a minister in the Presbyterian Church USA. Established specialty as biblical scholar with some proficiency in Hebrew and Greek.

Shamanic and Pre-religion: Apprenticed to Peruvian curandero Oscar Miro Quesada for 8 years, exploring the feminine opposite of the Logos-Word-based theologies of the major religions. In the nativistic/shamanic traditions that follow the Mother, everything is sacred and is therefore all of nature is teaching us.

Perennial Wisdom: Over 20 years studying on a daily basis the universal teachings and esoteric/mystical spirituality of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism (Ch’an and Tibetan), Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Sikhism, Hindu Advaita Vedanta, and Peruvian Q’ero.


Alternative Healing: Served as executive for a holistic medicine clinic, studied mind-body connection for fifty years, trained and licensed as a Reiki Master, studied shamanic energy medicine and plant healing, and formally trained and a practitioner in all the levels of Pranic Healing up to the beginning levels of the Arhat.

Futuring and Cultural/Personal Transformation

Involved in the initial emergence of the field of “Futuring” in the late 1970s and 1980s. Planned and co-led a national workshop with Dr. Oliver Markley of the Stanford Research Institute. Led numerous workshops in graduate schools and churches on the change in global consciousness and the role of myth in thinking about the future.